10 Epic reasons why winter weddings are amazing

Winter weddings are my absolute favourite. Australia has always been seen as a place to enjoy in the summertime. But I absolutely adore winter and winter weddings have quickly become my favourite ones to capture for quite a few reasons. To prove I’m not just blowing smoke. Here’s a picture from my own winter wedding last year.

Photo by the insanely wonderful Swedish hair model Vladan Gajic

Yes I have huge dimples and yes my wife is absolutely stunning. And incredibly brave for rocking a backless lace dress on a day that was 7°c. Anyway, that’s enough about my wedding.

This summer in Australia we’ve had some pretty insane weather. Huge long heatwaves with bushfires burning out of control and destroying so many homes, wedding venues and beautiful parts of the country just black and completely burnt out. Not to mention this last week, crazy amounts of rain causing flooding up and down the coast.


Here’s a list of my top 10 reasons you should seriously consider having a winter wedding this year.

  1. You’re far less likely to be rained on. Below is a chart from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology showing the average rainfall each month in Australia. The Winter months, particularly July and August have amazingly low amounts of rain which is something I feel like doesn’t get spoken amount much. I think in Australia we naturally associate the summer months with endless sunny days at the beach. But pretty much every wedding I’ve photographed in pouring rain has been in January or February. Weather sealed cameras and umbrella’s mean that’s not the be all and end all these days but if you’re really not keen on rain on your wedding day you’re definitely making a safer choice to choose winter.
  2. ROMANTIC FIRESIDE NIGHTS: I probably don’t need to push this point too hard. There’s few things more romantic than sitting by a roaring fire. Something you definitely don’t want to do in the Australian summer. Many of my favourite venue’s in the Southern Highlands or South Coast of NSW have big open fire places and or huge fire pits outside which you can make great use of in winter. But with total fire bans in place over most months from spring to winter in Australia if you want the delight of sitting by a romantic fire at your wedding reception and perhaps on the honeymoon, winter is where it’s at.Winter Wedding
  3. COATS BLANKETS & ACCESSORIES GALORE: Winter chill means you have access to a whole host of unique accessories to add to your wedding day outfit or just throw on for part of the photo shoot.
    There’s something extra romantic about getting snuggled up in a blanket for your photos or even just the ability to add a beautiful coat into your outfit to make things extra unique.winter wedding
  4. THE VENDORS YOU WANT ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE AVAILABLE: This is a big one. Having a date set and then trying to lock down your venue, photographer, even getting your dress made can become super stressful when you realise that most of your top picks are already booked for those ever popular summer dates. You’re far more likely to be able to find an amazing venue and everything else during the winter months which are a fair bit quieter and regarded by many as “the off season”. According to Easy Weddings annual survey only 13% of Australian couples chose to have their wedding in winter last year. That leaves plenty of open dates with your favourite vendors.
  5. WINTER LIGHTING: The sunlight in winter is actually softer and an absolute photographers dream. Australian sunlight is incredibly harsh and for me, who photographs a lot of outdoor ceremonies. Soft light is my absolute top priority. Photographing in winter light is the absolute best. I always have a huge grin on my face when i’m looking at the back of my camera, because I’m simply enamoured by how the light is looking.winter wedding
  6. WINTER DISCOUNTS: We all love a good bargain and there’s a few to be had around in winter with a lot of wedding vendors feeling the pinch of the off season lull. Don’t be shy to ask the question particularly with venue’s. There’s quite a few I know of which will have special rates during the winter months.

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  7. SNOW: If you grew up watching the same movies as me you’ll have a certain level of romantic nostalgia about snow flakes and general winter wonderland beauty. Australia doesn’t have insane amounts of snow it’s true. But we definitely have some stunning snowy landscapes in winter. From Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, The Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Mount Hotham in Victoria. We’re definitely not starved of snow locations to have you wedding at. One of the good things about snow towns is a lot of the winter accomodation will have big log cabin style conference rooms with a huge fireplace where you can celebrate with your nearest and dearest.
  8. HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS: Winter in Australia means it’s summer just about everywhere else so you’re summer escape to South-East Asia, Europe or the United states is just a plane ticket away. If hiding away in a log cabin in the snow is more your honeymoon style then you’ve always got mountains of snow in New Zealand ready and waiting for you.winter wedding
  9. WINTER FLOWERS: Cooler weather doesn’t mean there’s no beautiful flowers around for your wedding day. And not only that your flowers will last a lot longer on the wedding day. Most of the time at summer weddings I’m rushing to grab photos of the flowers on tables and at the ceremony the moment the florist is finished setting up before the heat gets to them and they begin to wilt. Some of my favourite flowers that are around in winter are: Daffodils, Hellebore, poppies, tulips, Dhalias, Hydrangeas, Babies breath & Wheat.Bendooley Estate Wedding
  10. SEASONAL MENU DELIGHTS: Cold weather comfort food is one of my great joys at winter weddings. Steaming plates of lamb & roast vegetables, Spiced mulled wine & hot chocolates for the kids. There’s so many incredible food options that really hit the spot for cold weather.
    I hope this post has been informative and helpful as you think about planning your own winter wedding. If you’d like to see a few of my favourite winter weddings & elopements then you can click here, here or here.
    If you’re stuck for some winter wedding dress inspiration then I’ve got a post for that here.

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