Where to Elope in Australia (50+ Best Locations)

Trying to decide where to elope in Australia? Looking for a list of the best elopement locations in Australia? I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the most incredible locations around this beautiful country for you to consider. This post will be full of beautiful example images from elopements I’ve captured over the years and details about the destinations you might choose to elope at.

Australia is a country rich in natural beauty as well as filled with some incredibly beautiful cityscapes.

My top 5 elopement locations in Australia.

1. Cradle Mountain – Tasmania

2. Uluru – Northern Territory

3. Lincolns Rock – New South Wales

4. Thalia Haven – Tasmania

5. Royal National Park – New South Wales

Where to elope in Australia

New South Wales Elopement Locations:

The Blue Mountains:

The Blue mountains is one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions and is absolutely littered with incredible landscapes that go on for hours. Perhaps not the highest mountain peaks in the world but definitely some of the most breathtaking scenery in Australia.

  • Lincolns Rock: This spot is absolutely stunning. Around a 2 hour drive from Sydney towards the top of the Blue Mountains, Lincoln’s rock is a 100m walk from the parking area and you find yourself on top of an incredible cliff looking over a stunning valley that stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s an amazing place to watch the sunset and just take in the grandeur of the view.Where to elope in Australia
  • Wentworth Falls: Another staple of the Blue mountains, Wentworth falls is near Katoomba which is the main tourism spot of the blue mountains, filled with heritage listed buildings and beautiful accomodation to stay at while you explore the surrounding areas. The falls are an easy walk from the carpark and provide a beautiful bushland, rain forrest feel for your elopement.
  • Elysian Rock: A short walk from Leura Gardens, Looking straight out over Jamison Valley and out to Mount Solitary. Narrow Neck and the ‘back’ of the Three Sisters are visible on the right-hand side, and Sublime Point on the left. The lookout is along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.
  • Boars Head: Rugged, epic, wildly beautiful. These are just a few words to describe this insane spot. Definitely worth checking out if you’re thinking of places within the Blue Mountains.

Megalong Valley: Pictured above, Megalong Valley is one of my favourite places in New South Wales. Mountains either side and beautiful wild Australian countryside everywhere you look. I absolutely love this spot.

It’s one of those places you really have to just drive through to fully understand the beauty of. situated a little further up the mountains than some other spots but absolutely worth the drive if you want an inverted view of the mountains.

Byron Bay: So many great spots in this area. A perfect place to honeymoon too. The far North Coast  of New South Wales plays host to some of the most spectacular coastal views in Australia. Perfect for an intimate elopement.

Stockton Sand Dunes Want to create a really unique boho vibe for your elopement? Giant sand dunes as far as the eye can see might be well worth checking out. I love shooting at Stockton Sand dunes and even though it’s a bit of work to climb to the good spots its very rewarding when you get there.

Royal National Park: Just south of Sydney, The Royal National park is a 151 square km protected park full of beautiful bushland and stunning coastal cliffs, some of the best hiking in NSW is within this park and there’s a ton of epic spots to plan an intimate elopement.

Kosciuszko National Park: If you’re into snow, this is definitely one of the best places in Australia to elope in winter. Mount Kosiuszko is one of Australia’s biggest snowfall regions and has some of the most beautiful winter landscapes imaginable. Definitely worth checking out if snow is more your vibe.

where to elope in australia


Palm Beach

Milk Beach


Wendy’s Secret Garden


Tasmanian Elopement Locations

where to elope in Australia

Cradle Mountain: This is by far my favourite place in Australia. And absolutely the top of my list of where to elope in this incredible country. Tasmania as a state is full of wild landscapes that will take your breath away, but Cradle Mountain itself is just the icing on the cake.

I have had the pleasure of shooting a ton of elopements here and I actually chose this spot to get married to my wife last year as it’s become such a special place to us.

where to elope in australia


Mt Roland: This place mountain is one thats a bit tricky to climb but there are so many incredible places you can see it’s staggering peaks from along the ground. There’s a ton of beautiful airbnb’s along the roads that surround this mountain that give you an epic view from the backyard.

Eagles Nest Retreat: Insanely beautiful luxury accomodation looking directly over the hills towards Mount Roland. Outdoor spa, rolling hills, huge floor to ceiling windows. This place has it all.

Thalia Haven: Probably the coolest Airbnb I’ve ever been to situated an hour outside of Hobart boasting literally kilometres of private beach this insane stone house is the perfect all in one elopement location. See my favourite elopement from this place here.

where to elope in australia

Satellite Island: This one’s been on my list to shoot for some time. A private Island hotel nestled in the Tasmanian wilderness, I can’t think of a better place to run off and get married.

Bay of Fires

Wineglass Bay

Frecinet Peninsula

Walls of Jerusalem

Mt Wellington

Mt Pelion West

Barn Bluff

Ben Lomond Mountain

Hartz Mountains


Northern Territory:

australian elopement

This state is full of beautiful outback Australian places you could elope. From the most famous location Uluru in the red centre, to dried up salt flats and incredible red earth as far as the eye can see. There’s so many incredible places in the Northern Territory to plot an intimate elopement getaway.

The Kimberley: An ancient landscape covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres, the Kimberley is one of the world’s most precious wilderness regions. Hire a chopper and pick your spot amidst the rugged Australian landscape, watch out for crocodiles though if you’re planning on taking a quick dip to celebrate your nuptials.

Ulurua-Kata Tjuta National Park: It’s illegal to have your ceremony within the Uluru parklands as it is a ceremonial site for the local aboriginal peoples that has great significance to them. You can get married on the edge of the park and obtain a permit to take photos in the park.

Certain area’s of the rock itself are banned from being photographed but many other beautiful places within the park are fine to photograph if you have a permit.

where to elope in australia


Gold Coast Hinterland: Far from the classic surfers paradise spots perhaps one of Queensland’s best kept secrets is the Gold Coast Hinterland region. Beautiful rain forests, eco retreats, luxurious day spas nestled deep into the bush surrounded by waterfalls. What’s not to like?

Frazer Island: Pristine coastal beauty without comparison, get married on a vintage yacht or on the beach. The choice is yours

Tambornie Mountain

Magnetic Island

Daintree Rainforest

Barron Falls

South Australia

where to elope in australia

Lake Eyre: Depending on the weather this beautiful lake can be full of water & wildlife or a huge dry salt flat with nothing but white for as far as the eye can see.

Lake McConnell, Eyre Peninsula: Pink Lakes get you excited? Me too. This stunning natural wonder has been on my list to photograph for such a long time so someone please elope here and bring me along. I think I’d spend most of the time squealing with delight.

Flinders Ranges

Yorke Peninsula 

Kangaroo Island

Barossa Valley

Western AustraliaTasmanian Elopement


Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake) 515 km North of Perth. The Lagoon’s iconic colouring comes from the presence of the caroteinoid-producing algae, dunaliella salina – which is a source of beta-carotene; a food-colouring agent and a great source of Vitamin A. Dunaliella salina is commonly used in cosmetics and dietary supplements – it’s said to be fantastic for skin health

Rottnest Island: Elope with some smiling Quokkas in the background to brighten the mood. Or just relax on the pristine beaches. There’s no wrong way to escape to Rottnest island.

Esperance Bay: More sun soaked beautiful coastal goodness from our Western neighbours. One of the amazing perks of Western Australia over the eastern states is that you can get the sunset photos across the water. Something us Sydney kids long for all year round.



where to elope in australia

Great Ocean Road

Warburton Redwoods

Mount Bulla 

Mount Hotham

Mornington Peninsula


Australian Capital Territory

Australian Elopement photographer

Lake Burley Griffin 

Namadgi National Park

Corin Forest

There you have it. If you were wondering where to elope in Australia before you started reading this I hope you’re feeling pretty confident that you’ve actually got plenty of incredible options on this list.

You don’t need to get on a plane to Iceland to elope. You have so many incredible elopement locations right here in Australia. And with Covid-19 looming large over everyone’s wedding plans right now I highly recommend you #stayhome and elope in Australia.

If you’re convinced on the locations but you want to know how to elope in Australia right now I’ve got a dedicated post to give you all the information you need to know for planning your elopement. Click the link above.

Where to elope in Australia – By Joshua Mikhaiel

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