Toowoomba Wedding Venues

Toowoomba Wedding Venues

Toowoomba wedding venues are some of the most unique options for weddings in South East Queensland. The Darling Downs region is chock full of hidden gems in just about every department but particularly with gorgeous wedding venues. From stunning elegant sandstone manor houses to rustic farmhouses & barns Toowoomba wedding venues have the full spectrum of options. It doesn’t matter if you’re chasing a black tie dinner feel or an outdoor wedding thats ‘shoes-optional’ Toowoomba has a wedding venue that will probably tick your boxes.

Sadly a lot of the venue guide posts I’ve seen have only listed about 3 or 4 venues and it makes it a bit tough for couples who are trying to see whats available without drawling 50 websites to see what their options are. This post is going to be a bit more comprehensive. I wont dive into every gritty detail about the venues, but I do want to break them down into categories for you and give you a few helpful directives to get your started on your journey to find yourself the venue you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for an elegant manor house wedding venue. Either because you are genuinely fancy and you & your friends only own black ties and you couldn’t imagine sitting on a hay bale in a ball gown. Or, you just like the idea of showing up to a gorgeous manor house in your feral ute because it feels rebellious and why not choose your wedding day to be a rebel. Either way. These manor house wedding venues might be right up your alley.

  1. Abby Boutique Hotel
  2. Vacy Hall


If you’re looking for a Toowoomba wedding venue that’s more country, farm feel but still more elegant than rustic, these homestead style venues should be right up your alley.

  1. Gabbinbar Homestead
  2. Branell Homestead
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Perhaps what first comes to mind when you think of a wedding venue in Toowoomba is something a little more rural. These venues have a lot of unique charm about them and are a style I personally really love photographing. There is something really magical to me about farm weddings. I don’t know if it’s just the contrast between everyone getting dressed up so beautifully and the rustic sheds and gardens or if it’s something that feels so nostalgic about country venues to me that draws me into the nostalgia of love and romance. Anyway, whatever it is. I definitely recommend you have a look at these beauties.

  1. Aberfeldy Farm & Barn
  2. The Barn & Scotty’s Garage
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Wineries are a pretty idyllic backdrop for your wedding day. A few bonus reason points that wineries have in their favour. When you choose a winery as your wedding venue you’re picking somewhere that you’re 99% sure has a few big sheds somewhere on the property which often function as emergency backup ceremony locations if it’s raining on your wedding day. Getting stuck in out in the rain on your wedding day can be super fun and make for some amazing wet weather photographs but I’d recommend having a backup just in case it’s really coming down.

  1. Preston Peak Winery
  2. Dusty Hill Winery


Picking the right Toowoomba wedding venue might feel like a daunting task, there’s a lot of factors to choose from. Budget is obviously going to be a huge player. I hate the way we (in the wedding industry) are often seemingly trying to convince couples their budget doesn’t matter. It absolutely matters. I think you should super honour your budget and not put yourself in stressful financial positions just to have the perfect wedding day.

Another thing that matters a lot, that I personally think doesn’t get the attention it deserves is how comfortable you feel in a particular space. Your wedding day comes with a lot of stress. You’ll be dealing with a bunch of people you don’t know very well. (Florists, Wedding Photographers, a celebrant, dressmaker etc) and a love of people you probably know all too well, (which carry their own stressors).

Choosing a wedding venue that you feel like you can be yourself at, that feels like a really comfortable space to let your hair down and be yourself, that really matters. (Side note, choose vendors who you feel like you can be yourself with too. That will bring down your stress levels in wedding planning a ton as well).

The other factor that I think is worth mentioning is lighting. Most ceremonies outside of chapel these days are going to be outdoors. Which I LOVE! Outdoor ceremonies are my favourite. However bad lighting ruins outdoor ceremony photos so quickly.

If you’re choosing an outdoor wedding venue and you care about your ceremony photos at all. Please choose a venue where the sun will be coming from behind you during your vows… not off to a 45 degree angle, not straight into your eyes… behind you. It makes everyone’s skin look amazing, you don’t have to squint at each other while you read your vows, and it keeps your photographer super happy.

(see below)

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