The Woods Ravensbourne Wedding | Ella & Jackson

The Woods Ravensbourne is one of the most picturesque wedding venues in Toowoomba. Stunning vistas, over endless hills, gorgeous gardens and delightful accommodation onsite makes this one of the nicest wedding venues in the Darling Downs regions. Jackson & Ella are two of the most exceptional humans I’ve been able to photograph and the energy of their connection was just electric. When we caught up for coffee I was thinking we’d be there for 45 minutes. I think we sat and chatted for about 2 hours or more. They are just such easy people to be friends with and so many of the speeches touched on the way that so many people just get dragged into their orbit so quickly because of their personalities.

The two of them individually are both like this but the combined gravitational pull of welcoming friendship of them as a couple is almost unbearable if I’m honest. I think if the wedding had gone on any longer I probably would have been invited to go on their next family holiday.

The wedding itself was a pretty spectacular day. Autumn is definitely one of the most incredible times for a wedding anywhere in Queensland but particularly in Toowoomba where it’s usually almost 5 degrees cooler than Brisbane. The weather held off amidst some questionable forecasts and was absolutely perfect. Ella wore a dress that had been handmade by her extremely talented mother and wore her Grandmothers perfume to honour her memory. Jackson left set the dance floor alight by putting on an incredibly funny “Peter Garrett off” Which was an amazing unique display of dancing skill.

One of my favourite parts of this wedding at the Woods Ravensbourne was Jackson & Ella’s choice to skip a traditional wedding cake and opt instead for a huge stack of Almond Croissants from the Gumnut Patisserie in Bowral where Ella’s family hail from. They had to be bravely and carefully carried on a plane trip from NSW all the way up to Queensland just for the wedding.

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