Top 25+ South Coast Wedding Venues for 2021

Here’s a list of epic South Coast wedding venues well worth looking into. The South Coast of NSW is one of Australia’s most stunning regions with beautiful rivers, forests, mountains and green rolling hills everywhere you turn. Sadly a lot of lists like this come from Wedding blog where you only get to see the venue’s that are paying a lot of money for the privilege of being on the list so it’s not always the top wedding venue’s you want to be looking at.

As a photographer who’s lived and photographed on the South Coast a lot I’m going to lay out my favourite venue’s from a photographers perspective with your wedding in mind. I have photographed 350+ weddings in my career and I’ve definitely seen my fair share of venue’s that are amazing and some that really leave a lot to be desired. Yes you could just grab a city function centre with sheer curtains draped around the walls. But this is the one chance you get to hold an incredible celebration with your favourite humans all in one place. You definitely want something unique. Surrounded by natural beauty that will be a truly unforgettable experience.

South Coast Wedding VenuesIt feels appropriate to mention right now, that much of the south coast right now is grieving so much loss because of the bushfires, and while it might be tempting to steer clear of booking wedding venue’s in bush fire affected areas for this summer. I plead with you to book venue’s in these areas that have been affected. When you book a venue in these areas you’ll be participating in helping the economy get back on its feet.

You’ll probably be spending the whole weekend on the coast with your family and friends which means money for the local cafe’s, restaurants & accomodation. Probably local florists and caterers too. You might not be having a wedding as you read this but you might feel stirred in your heart to be generous to people affected by the fires. Donations to the Salvation Army’s bushfire Appeal can be made HERE.


For the craft beer drinkers among us. You’ve considered getting married with your Young Henry’s shirt on but you know your beard would cover up most of the logo so you may as well go for that tweed suit. These beautiful venues have plenty of old world charm and corrugated iron and vintage timber doors for days.

  1. Driftwood Shed                                                                South Coast Wedding Venues
  2. Merribee
  3. Silo’s Estate
  4. Melross Farm
  5. Worrowing Estate
  6. Bawley Valley Bush Retreat
  7. Brogers End
  8. The Woods Farm
  9. Bewong River Retreat
  10. The Old Church Milton


For the modern romantics. You’re less likely to find mason jars and twine here but you’ll find plenty of tasty reds and stunning open lawns and beautifully maintained gardens.

  1. Bawley Vale Estate
  2. Cupitt’s Winery
  3. Crooked River Winery
  4. Mountain Ridge
  5. Silo’s Estate
  6. Willow Farm Berry
  7. Ravensthorpe


A few of these could arguable fit into the above section but I think there’s something very distinct about these beautiful old homesteads and the types of vintage inspired feel they bring to a wedding day with such effortless class.

  1. Terrarra House
  2. Jaspers, Berry
  3. Terragong Country House 

South Coast Wedding Venue

SECLUDED BUSH WEDDING VENUES                           South Coast Wedding Venues

If you’re big time nature lovers and you’re particularly big on native shrubbery. These have got you covered. This isn’t where you’ll find lush lawns and hedge mazes. This is where you’ll share your ceremony site with beautiful kookaburra’s and majestic goanna’s. Maybe even a few bush turkeys.

  1. Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat
  2. Paperbark Camp
  3. The Cove Jervis Bay
  4. Wildwood Kangaroo Valley



  1. Pyree Hall
  2. The Woolshed Yallah
  3. Ruby’s Mt Kembla


  1. The Old Church at Milton
  2. Kiama Anglican Church
  3. Nowra Baptist Church

Hotels & amazing airbnb’s for getting ready.

  1. Congo Camp House in the Forest
  2. The Address: Jervis Bay
  3. The Treehouse Kangaroo Valley
  4. Skyview Villa 


I’ll be following up this post in the coming weeks with some extra tips for picking the right ceremony locations for your outdoor wedding as well as a helpful guide on understanding the basics of light for outdoor weddings so you can plan your timeline effectively so you’re guests don’t get burnt. You won’t be squinting into the sun as you dry to hold back tears during your vows. And, You’ll get the beautiful golden backlit ceremony light you didn’t know you even wanted. (Trust me, you want it)

If you know of an incredible venue that’s not on this list please feel free to let me know. I’ll keep updating a curating this list to help couples find the best of the best places to get married at.

To see a full link to a South Coast Wedding I shot a little while ago hit this little link and you’ll find yourself right where you want to be. Or this one. I quite liked this one too.

Ok Now go plan the best wedding ever! I’ve given you the low down on the best spots.

wedding sparkler exit

One final note, Even if you’re not getting married at any of my favourite south coast wedding venues any time soon. I would definitely encourage you, if you can; to go and have a weekend away on the coast in the bushfire affected areas this year. So many of these coastal towns rely really heavily on tourism dollars to keep their economy healthy and the beaches and the water will still be just as beautiful as ever. (And probably a lot less crowded) You will be providing a much needed boost to the economy of the south coast and have an amazing time doing it. You’ve really got nothing to loose.

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