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Looking for a gold coast wedding chapel but you’d rather be scrolling instagram than scrolling through page after page on google trying to find the best wedding chapels on the gold coast? Trust me. I hear you.
In this post I’ve compiled a list of all the best gold coast wedding chapels. And may I just say. The gold coast has an absolutely amazing selection of gorgeous chapels.
Either Jesus was really popular in the 80’s when all of these were being built or there was some upper level conspiracy in the wedding industry back then with some cloak and dagger mobster sitting at a big black table plotting how to take over the gold coast hinterland with beautiful wedding chapels.
Either way. You are in a very lucky position to choose from some absolute cracking wedding chapels on the gold coast. I’m going to try not to order these in terms of which are my favourites.. But also. I will be giving a little bit of favouritism. Like every parent who “pretends” they don’t have a favourite child.. Like, “Barry, we know Sarah is you’re favourite! you don’t even have to say.”
I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years and be blessed to be able to capture weddings all over Australia and the world. Now calling the gold coast home I would definitely love to help you find the best gold coast wedding chapels, not that just look cute on the outside.. but that photograph beautifully, and that will meet the practical needs of hiding your guests from the blistering Queensland sun during your wedding ceremony

1. Summergrove Estate Chapel

Gold coast wedding chapel
image from Kirk Wilcox
Not a bad view huh? I don’t know if there’s anything I don’t like about this shot.. Kinda almost feels like its from Tuscany doesn’t it?
The views around the gold coast, scenic rim are just wild and this chapel boasts some of the absolute best. The outside is gorgeous. But this interior view packs a huge punch as well.
gold coast chapel
Now.. the good news and bad the bad news with chapels with big open windows at the end of the aisle. Looks epic if you’re actually there. Photographs less well. Usually to get the bride and groom, bridal party etc to not look too dark you’re going to have to brighten up the whole room.. which in turn kinda means you wont get much except white blowing in through the glass.. But I think the experience for your guests well and truly makes up for it.
The chapel itself is surprisingly spacious inside and fits more people than you’d expect so you can hide all of your Irish cousins away from that burning hot Queensland sun in summer. Or avoid getting third degree burns in your strapless dress halfway through the ceremony. Both pretty good options if you ask me!

2. Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender farm

gold coast wedding chapels
Image by Ivy & Rose
I mean, how could you not fall in love with this insanely beautiful chapel?! It’s got to be one of the most unique wedding chapels I’ve ever seen. The view is just incredible. I’m completely in love with this spot. Looking out over the gold coast hinterland with the lavender in the foreground. It’s just gorgeous!
Now what we spoke about with big open windows at the previous chapel, doesn’t apply the same way here because there’s open windows everywhere letting heaps of light in from all directions. You will want to consider what time you have your wedding ceremony here because you could get some of your guests absolutely blasted in the face with full sunlight and I imagine in the peak summer months this chapel can get a bit toasty.. so maybe keep that in mind when you’re choosing that 15th layer of tule for your wedding dress. Grooms.. Do not.. pick tweed suits for you and the boys for this one. (unless it’s winter of course) Winter weddings are sick!

3. Braeside At Gin House Creek estate

Gold Coast Wedding chapels
Obviously this chapel is just rockin the vintage vibes super hard.. from those insanely cute windows that your grandma will swoon over, to the gorgeous garden surrounds that your grandma probably has a replica of at her house.. but slightly less well kept perhaps. This is easily one of the nicest wedding chapels on the gold coast.
Set in a super lush little hide away this epic little chapel hits just about everything you could possibly want in a wedding chapel. Also.. hot tip… It’s got air conditioning! Which is such a winner for every groom sweating bullets waiting for their other half to show up!
If you’re wondering too, max capacity is 120 guests.. depending on how broad their shoulders and hips are.. But maybe also.. like legally. But yep. 120 people is a lot for a cute little chapel like this.

4. Coolibah Downs Private Estate

gold coast wedding chapel
How much do these doors just make you wanna put on that suit of armour you bought on eBay that claimed it was the real set heath ledger wore in a knights tale but when you got it you realised it was a cheap knockoff but you kept it anyway in case you ever got to go jousting? Yeah me neither…
Seriously though! This chapel is oozing old-world charm, huge interior space with amazing exposed beams and more stone inside than outside. If you want to feel like you’re in a more ancient time.. This is the wedding chapel for you.

5. The Abbey Cobaki 

gold coast wedding chapel
Image by Sophie Baker
Okay, now DON’T be thrown by their website that looks a tiny bit like a gold game you played on your brothers PC when you were 9 years old. This open air chapel is super cute. I definitely like spaces that aren’t fully enclosed and this chapel having no walls is a super big win for me as a photographer. I’m able to get a ton more angles than I would normally get. Usually a cramped chapel makes ceremony photography pretty difficult compared to an outdoor ceremony. This venue gives you the best of both worlds. Shade… but also, breeze and more angles for your photographer to capture.
I also have a list of my favourite Gold Coast wedding venues, some of these cross over but if you’re thinking an outdoor ceremony rather than a chapel, This list is for you.
If you’re looking for a photographer who’s got good taste in wedding chapels. I might actually know a guy. You can head over to my wedding portfolio and see if you like the cut of my jib. OR fill out my contact form here.

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