Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

Gabbinbar Homestead weddings are my absolute favourite. In all honesty this venue has genuinely got to be the most seamlessly run wedding venue I’ve ever been lucky enough to photograph. Gabbinbar Homestead is a place that genuinely cares about your experience of your day and they overstaff on purpose. The moment I realised just how wild this venue is was a moment after the ceremony when the bride had finished her first glass of champagne & I saw one of the bar staff notice as they were walking a tray of drinks to a group of guests and I saw them whisper into their earpiece, “can we get another champagne to the bride please”.

The venue itself has been thought out to a tee. The gardens are incredible. The variety of amazing features are almost unmatched. The gorgeous homestead itself with its incredibly beautiful getting ready spaces, reception room, which has a beautiful open ceiling that gives the room such a light an airy feeling. The outdoor area boasts multiple rustic old buildings, a small schoolhouse, a sheering shed as well as a tennis court.

Toowoomba wedding venue

Toowoomba plays host to some incredible wedding venues but Gabbinbar homestead is definitely my favourite. You can take a look at my other recommended Toowoomba wedding venues here. Toowoomba is a region which is full of incredible places to host your wedding. The region has a really different feel to much of Queensland and the wedding venues are very unique too. There’s almost a British feel to Toowoomba lots of quaint homes, big pines and oaks lining some of the streets. Most of my enquiries for Gabbinbar Homestead are from couples who have a lot of guests coming from overseas and I think that’s partly because Gabbinbar homestead weddings contain a little pocket of European charm about them. This wedding venue is particularly suited to elegant black tie weddings like this one but is very versatile.

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