eos R6 Sample Raws

EOS R6 sample RAWs to download for free? Yeah good idea Josh!

My canon EOS R6 just showed up in the mail! I’ve had 3 days with it and got to shoot one wedding and one elopement with it so far and I’m pretty impressed. If you’re here I’m guessing you’re figuring out if you want to buy an EOS R5 or R6 and you want to see what the EOS R6 Raw files look like to edit before you make the decision.

I was confident enough myself, to throw some money out to make a pre-release order but if I’d had the option I definitely would have liked to look at some R6 sample RAWS. I’ve included a RAW file from a Canon 5D MK3 from this scene below so you can compare the older canon files vs the much never EOS R6 sample RAWs.

Lets get you some RAW files to play with


EOS R6 sample RAWS

P.S. Canon, sadly are in no way sponsoring this post and I have no affiliation with their brand. I cannot get you a discounted EOS R6 and If you didn’t pre-order like me I have no way to get you one any time soon. Who knows how supply and demand will go for the R5 and R6 in the coming months as the Canon factory is reportedly not fully staffed due to Covid-19.

smol boi, biggish boi

I’ve Been Waiting for this

I’d been holding off switching anything for a long long time. I’ve been using 5D MK3 bodies for as long as I can remember and I didn’t realise that they came out about 10 years ago. Crazy old technology. Everything I’ve shot up until this weekend came out of those camera’s.

Everyone was jumping ship to Sony in favour of smaller lighter camera bodies, more dynamic range, low light performance… But I was pretty much waiting it out for this. I thought I was waiting for the EOS R5 truth be told. But as more and more specs emerged there were so many things I just didn’t think I needed as a primarily wedding shooter.

My biggest reasons for sticking to Canon was a bit of faith they’d catch up eventually which I believe this new R series really proves. And I guess being a pretty massive creature of habit when it comes to shooting an editing. I’m not really a “gear guy”. It’s just a tool in my hand to assist me in making the images I want to create.

Initial Thoughts on The EOS R6 Raw files?

The image below is one of the included EOS R6 sample RAWs edited with my Stag & Doe Presets

Edited with Stag & Doe Presets BW02 one click, no tweaks

If I’m brutally honest. I feel like there’s a bit less colour in the files than I was hoping for. A big thing for me is having the option to pull out colour where I want to in an edit. My presets have a very detailed range of tweaking to all of the colours in the image. I want as a default to be given a lot of really great colour detail in the RAW file so that I can be really picky about which bits I take out. Sadly compared to the 5D MK3 RAW files I’m usually working with it appears the R6 doesn’t quite have that same colour reproduction.

EOS R6 Sample RAWs

EOS R6 Skin Tones

One of the main reasons I never jumped onto the Sony bandwagon was the skin tones that Sony mirrorless cameras seem to always be cursed with. For me they’re unusable. Too desaturated, too pink. They just don’t look like skin. They look like pork. I never want my clients to look like a pork roast.

The skin tones from the Canon EOS R6 are pretty good. But again, I was probably hoping for a little more colour range for me to play with in my editing.

If you see the example below the groom’s Egyptian so he’s plenty brown in real life, but the colour reproduction is a little bit less than I’d hoped for. When you download your EOS R6 sample RAWs you’ll probably notice this more for yourself. But hey, maybe you love that for your style.

I’m working on grabbing an EOS R5 sample raw to drop into the ZIP folder for you guys as well so I might shoot out a second email with an updated folder later this week. But in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts on the EOS R6 sample RAWs. What you love what you hate.

If you’ve got any questions too. I’ll probably be doing another big post on why I chose the EOS R6 over the R5 but that’s for another day.

Stay safe legends.

Lastly, if you’re loving the look of my Stag & Doe Lightroom Presets on these files you can buy those from the link below. Enjoy!

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