Cowbell Creek Wedding | Luke & Cara

Cowbell creek weddings are truly something special. Luke & Cara were my first wedding at Cowbell creek and I was so excited at the chance to work at this gorgeous wedding venue. One of my favourite things that I immediately noticed as I headed up the snaking driveway to the venue was that my phone reception dropped out. And I thought to myself emmediately. This is going to be a fun day. I am preparing a whole blog post of photos that have been ruined my phones that I’ve been compiling over the last few years but whenever there’s no or little reception at a wedding venue I always feel people are so much more present. Cowbell creek is a perfect place to have no reception too. It’s not the kind of venue where you feel like you’re locked in a small space. It’s a huge property boasting 200 acres of rolling hills and more cute animals than you can (but shouldn’t) poke a stick at.

Another huge thing in Cowbell creek’s favour is the legendary owners driving you around for photos all over the property. There’s nothing worse in Queensland heat than hiking up and down huge rolling hills with your bridal party while you take photos and coming back to the reception sweaty and exhausted. The chauffeur service is top notch. Where you want to feed to cows or their huge but gentle clydesdale horse or just head up to the hilltops for golden hour. The owners will make sure you get there at the exact right time for the best light. Such a treat to have venue staff who really understand photo lighting times!

Cowbell creek wedding

Luke & Cara’s wedding is probably best summed up as FUN. It was truly a party from the first moments till the last. Their family & friends brought so much energy to this celebration. I always say to couples the biggest factor on the vibe of your wedding are the people you choose to include in the celebration. If you bring all of your most raucous friends together to celebrate something they love; “you”. prepare for one heck of a party. If you plan a more intimate wedding with just your nearest and dearest, you can expect for the mood to be really sincere and more vulnerable. Inviting a bunch of people you don’t know with their plus ones who you REALLY don’t know will always result in a slightly colder work Christmas party feel.

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