Ben & Kate [Entally Lodge Tasmanian Wedding]

Sometimes when you look at your calendar if can be easy to see the wave of commitments and tasks and feel a bit overwhelmed. But other times, you see Ben & Kate | Tasmania Wedding coming up soon in your iCal and your heart skips a little beat and your excitement levels start to peak.

I get crazy excited for weddings like this one not just because Tasmania is one of my absolute favourite places to go to. But because these two people are both incredible in their own right. And their story is incredible, and stories is really what has always got me excited about photography in the first place.

Ben is an incredibly gifted human in a lot of areas. The kind of guy who gets the marks for medicine and law but decides to shift his attentions to Advertising because he can see the bigger picture of how much big brands have power to influence the world for good even more than legislators and those in medical fields. Kate we could probably go on about for even longer with her crazy cool research in Biomedical Engineering but if you’re anything like me you probably wouldn’t understand most of it. So we’ll stick to this. They’re both insanely awesome humans. I for one am incredibly excited to see how they both go out and change the world together.

The wedding itself was such an incredible love fest. Pretty interesting weather though. It started out warm and 30ish degrees celsius. And mid way through portraits began to absolutely bucket down. With some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever been caught in. I could ramble and ramble about all the cool aspects of the day but thankfully we have some photographs instead. So please enjoy a selection of highlights from the magic that was, Ben & Kate’s wedding day. Also, scroll to the bottom to enjoy what is undoubtedly one of the most amazing wedding video’s I’ve ever seen by the very talented Bottlebrush Films.

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