I’ve been called the vibe police more than once in my life. I’m extremely conscious of the space I’m in whether that’s a landscape, a cafe or a home. I pay attention to the details. The feel. When I capture photographs of people’s home’s. I’m focusing on the experience of what it’s like to be inside the space more than just what it looks like to observe it visually.

Here are some examples of images I’ve captured for Air BNB’s, people’s homes and other spaces worth noting. If you’d like to have me capture your space you can contact me below to have your space photographed.

Why choose me to be your airbnb photographer?

There are loads of real estate photographers who specialise in making homes look beautiful. Real estate photography can be really stale and cold. I specialise in giving your space the warmth and feeling that really invites people into what the experience of staying at the place. People are making an emotional purchase when they book to stay at your airbnb. The photographs are doing most of the leg-work to get people to fall in love with your space. The key to great airbnb photography that really sells is the feeling I can create to showcase your space and the surrounds that are the selling point. I recommend not only capturing your space but also local highlights that are a selling point of the visit.

Interested in Seeing my Wedding Photography?

My wedding photography can be found here. I’ve been photographing weddings for 12 years now all across this beautiful country. My work has been featured in most of Australia’s best wedding magazines & online publications. Part of my love for photographing Airbnb’s has come from all of the amazing ones I’ve been lucky enough to stay at in my travels as I’ve run around the country and the world to capture weddings. People often choose gorgeous airbnb properties for their intimate weddings and getting ready locations for their weddings. If you would like more information on hosting small weddings at your airbnb without fearing for your property being damaged by the party I am happy to share my experience of working at many airbnb’s across the country as they host micro weddings and elopements and for some of them even large scale weddings.